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biofugen Mesotherapy Meso-Aesthetic Products

European Formulated

Distributed Exclusively
by Formula Life Inc.

Mesotherapy & Meso-Aesthetic products are used for facial rejuvenation, rehydration & nutrition, as well as for anti-cellulitic treatments & body contouring. Products can be infused with no needle or needleless mesotherapy techniques.

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BIO-Fusion face firming 10 ml
$ 30
BIO-Fusion face Botox Alternative - 10 ml
$ 30
MESO DMAE-X - Wrinkles/lines (10 x 5ml)
$ 70/box
BIO-Fusion face - Radience/Pigmentation 10ml
$ 35
BIO-Fusion face - Biorevitalization
$ 55
BI0-Fusion face- Eye contour
$ 40

BIO-Fusion Body 10 ml
(better than Lipodissolve or Lipostabyl)

$ 30
Hyaluronic Acid 1% 10ml liquid moisturizing $40/each
Hyaluronic Acid 2% 10ml liquid moisturizing $48/each
Hyaluronic Acid gel 2% 3ml (filler type) $33/each
Hyaluronic Acid gel 3.5% 5ml (filler type) $50/each
Polyvitamins (10 x 2ml) Nutritive Solution $55/box
Trace Elements (10 x 2ml) Balancing Solution (great for acne) $55/box
Vitamin A Retinol (10 x 2ml) Rejuvenation $55/box
Vitamin C 20% (10ml) $25/each
X-DNA gel 2.5ml Restructuring $40/each
DNA Liquid 10 x 2ml Restructuring $55/each

Phosphatidylcholine - Spot fat reduction & cellulite
(Lipostabyl & Lipodissolve equiv.) (5 x 10 ml)

$ 110/box
L-Carnitine- Celluite (5ml x 10) - Fat carrier$40/each
Artichoke Extract (Cynara Scolymus)
$ 70/box
Asian Centella (2ml x 10) Cellular Activation
Caffeine (2ml x 10) Reducing solution $55/box
Ginkgo Biloba (5ml x 10)
Rutina & Mellilotus (10 x 2ml) Toning Solution $50/box
BIO-Fusion Hair/Alopecia 10ml $30
Biotin (10 x 2ml)
$ 55/box
Dexapanthenol (10 x 5ml)
$ 70/box

BMN Mesopuncture Needles


Meso-Aesthetics can be infused without needles using:

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Skin Supplements

Made by Pharma-Aesthetics: Anti-Ageing & Detox

Targeted Tissue Salts

Homeopathic Formulation & Distributed by Formula Life Inc.

Pharma-Aesthetics Skin Supplements recommended for:

Acneic & Oily Skin, Wrinkles & Dry Skin, Eczema, Puffy Eyes, Dark Circles

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