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Defacelon is a high quality, value priced line of creams and treatments. Very popular, they incorporate the latest & most popular effective ingredients for specific skin types or conditions

Regenium Helix Cream

Pearl & Caviar Cream

Temple Viper Cream

Hand and Nail Cream

2 in 1Cleanser & Toner

Instant Lift Ampoules


Regenium Helix Cream (50ml)



Regenerative, protective, moisturizing and nutritious. 
This cream rejuvenates the skin, eliminates wrinkles, attenuates spots, with a pleasant texture and easy absorption.
Acoelgly® actively slows down the aging process of cutaneous weaves and protects them from the oxidating action of free radicals.

helix 2


The common snail regenerates injured tissue in seconds and is the only animal in the world that can restore its cracked shell.

Now you can provide the same amazing regenerative effects to renew and rejuvenate skin!*

Proven to accelerate the natural healing process of the skin...

100% NATURAL Ingredients
makes the regeneration of skin possible. It is the most effective repairing substance for scar tissue. It is also an anti-oxidant, which helps fight off free radicals, the scavengers that damage skin and speeds up the ageing process.
COLLAGEN the structural protein that gives skin its rigidity and, along with elastin, is a main component of human skin and connective tissue.
ELASTIN the protein that gives skin its elasticity. As we age our skin decreases its production of elastin.
GLYCOLIC ACID - enhances natural exfoliation, aids re-hydration, inhibits free radicals and also promotes the body's own production of collagen.
ANTIBIOTIC PEPTIDES- protect the skin from environmental stress and are effective against different types of bacteria commonly found in human skin infections. The peptides destroy the pathogens present on the surface and in the pores of skin and act like a protective barrier.
VITAMINS - Vitamin A helps maintain the condition of skin cell membranes, Vitamin C stimulates collagen synthesis and helps to prevent the destruction of collagen. Vitamin C also acts as an anti-oxidant, protecting cells and Vitamin E, also an anti-oxidant, protects against damage to vital cell structures and reduces moisture loss.

Pearl & Caviar Cream (50ml)^

A luxurious & sophisticated face cream and regenerates & firms your skin tissue, protecting it against free radicals & enhancing your skin’s elasticity and luminosityContains sunscreen. (50ml)

Active ingredients:
Caviar Extract
Contains an extremely high proportion of essential amino acids, structured peptides, proteins, essential fatty acids, trace elements & iodine.
Pearl Extract
Contains as many as 18 amino acids and more than 12 bioactive minerals which booth the skin’s regenerative powers and protects it against free radicals.  Excellent luminosity powers.

Other ingredients :
Boswellia Serrate Extract (soothing properties), Wheat Germ Protein (firming and resturucturing), Chondrus crispus (firming), Sunscreen and antioxidant and moisturising agents. 

Usage : After facial cleansing (morning and night) apply the cream to face, neck and neckline.  Gently massage into the skin.  Also recommended for eye contour area. 

pearl 1


pearl 2

Temple Viper Cream (50ml)^

Over time, your facial muscles? repetitive movements produce expression lines, such as crow?s feet, brow lines and laughter lines, which first become set and then gradually deepen.

Defacelon has created the definitive anti-expression line product making even deep-set wrinkles less visible.


Active ingredients : includes SYN®-AKE, a synthetic tripeptide that acts on expression lines, relaxing the underlying facial muscles and making wrinkles visibly smoother.  It produces the same effect as the Waglerin 1 peptide, a neuromuscular blocker found in South-East Asian Temple Viper?s venom.


Other ingredients : Aminocontraxyl ® , Eyeseryl ® , Vegetable proteins, xylityglucoside, hyaluronic acid and chondrus cisprus






Defacelon Hand and Nail Cream (75ml)

With Aloe Vera


defacelon hand cream




When they're going out and want that WOW factor look for an instant face lift in a vial....


defacelon flash amp




For all skin types...



defacelon cleanser toner